Adobe, Native vs HTML5, and the effect on advertising






With Adobe abandoning Flash for mobile and committing itself to HTML5, we spent some time wondering about the future for native apps and what this means for the mobile advertising market.

For starters, there are some pundits that are singing the HTML praise very loudly. Google and Yahoo are such two. After all, it is easier to develop in, less expensive and the major benefit is that it is cross platform – so develop once for all mobile platforms. Some believers say that by 2013 we will be wondering why we ever bothered with native apps.

However, HTML5 is still considered a little “clunky” (as one would expect for a relatively new protocol – but sure to be ironed out in the next few years), but the major concern is that it cannot tap into the native functionality of the devices it operates on, such as, notifications etc.

So in the short term, Native Apps will still be the preference of developers wanting to take full advantage of the platform they are developing for. However, we are already seeing companies choosing HTML5 as their preferred platform and it is especially relevant for smaller development companies that may not have the resources to develop on multiple platforms. As HTML5 develops further (even WC3 – the group charged with creating HTML5 – says that HTML5 won’t be fully complete until 2014) more and more develops will choose it for its ease and practicality.

So what does this mean for monetizing your assets? Well, HTML5 apps do not need to be sold through any app store so more profit in developers pockets for paid apps. However, on the flip side, right now most users will only search the app store so you are potentially losing a very strong marketing channel but not going through the app store (assuming you can be found in the first place – see our article on increasing your organic downloads)

As far as advertising revenue – since HTML5 is a web based platform, integrating an ad serving platform can be very simple. However, premium ad types, such as our Notification ads, which earn ECPMs of $20+, are not available on apps developed in HTML5 as these rely on the native environment to make these ads highly effective.

There is no doubt that the future of HTML5 is very promising and it’s still evolving. The fact that Adobe dumped flash says that they are betting that HTML5 is our future. What we need to see is HTML5 continue to evolve with a greater degree of access to native functionality so that pure web apps can deliver a comprehensive and high performing environment for ad driven apps.

I am certain this future is just around the corner and it will be interesting to see how much support HTML5 will get from the major operating systems – especially given Apple’s desire to keep their environment closed and Google’s focus on ad driven revenue.

How to promote your own apps using LeadBolt

Did you know that as a LeadBolt publisher you can now use the traffic of other publishers to promote your own apps or mobile offer?

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CPC PlatformLeadBolt’s CPC platform is the fastest and easiest way to drive mobile traffic to your campaigns. The benefits of using our self service CPC platform include:

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How to maximize your eCPMs using LeadBolt’s Advanced Overlays

You’ve heard the buzz about LeadBolt’s Advanced Overlays. It’s true – our app developers are generating extremely high eCPMs with this signature ad format. The good news is your app can do that too!

Beat the banner blindness – multiply your eCPMs!
Advanced Overlays enable users to “unlock” another level of your game, view quiz results or gain access to exclusive areas in your app, by completing one of the offers on your advanced overlay.

Unlike banners, advanced overlays are more noticeable and hence generate higher eCPMs. The advanced overlay appears when the users are at the peak of their engagement– right before they reach to the content they desire. All these attributes make advanced overlays a very effective ad format which will maximize your eCPMs!

Why use LeadBolt’s Advanced Overlays?
You can fully customize the colors, text and design to fit the theme of your app and retain your branding. LeadBolt’s advanced algorithms ensure that the offers shown are relevant to your app users. Users have an option to close/skip the ad if needed, making this ad type very user friendly.

Let’s see how Advanced Overlays work:

Integrate LeadBolt’s unified SDK
Remember our latest unified SDK gives you access to all premium ad formats which generate much higher revenues than just banners. One SDK also enables you to test several ad formats to see which works best within your app.

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Earn More With Notifications

Notifications are LeadBolt’s latest proven and engaging method of app monetization.

This new ad format is so effective, that the average eCPM’s for notification ads on Android & Apple iOS are currently $15+ on US traffic and great results internationally. Some publishers are achieving $100+ eCPMs for US traffic! We have both recurring and our unique on-demand notification type that puts the publisher in full control.

Create Buzz

Notifications allow you to display ads on the homepage of an app users’ mobile device, even when the app is not being used. If you are not convinced yet, check out our LeadBolt notification ad promotional video here.

Earn higher eCPM’s

Notifications generate significantly higher CTR’s, since users view them when it is convenient in their own time rather than during a game play or app usage. As a result, revenues are significantly higher compared to standard in-app banner ads. However, notifications can be effectively used in conjunction with banner ads as an additional revenue stream in your app monetization strategy.

Monetize Inactive Users

Have you ever wondered how long are the users going to stick with you app before downloading a new one? Depending on the popularity of your app, its active life span might only be few days long. With traditional ad formats, this is the only time you can monetize the users. With notification ads, you can reach and monetize inactive and intermittent users very effectively.

Transparency for Users

Developers can control exactly who gets notifications and how often. Once you log in to your LeadBolt account to create your ad, you will be able to easily customize the ad to suit your app, including frequency and targeting of user types. Users also have the option to opt out.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating your notification ads today!

How to increase your app installs for free

Chances are you have developed a great app. Maybe you even have couple of them. Now what?

When it comes to measuring the success of your apps, the key metrics are: install rates, number of active users, amount of app reviews and quality of user ratings. Many app developers realize that marketing becomes crucial these days. There are many ways to market your app but most of them will require some investment.

Let’s focus on increasing your app installs without breaking the bank.

Did you know?

…that you can utilize some of the big Android and iPhone forums out there to promote your app for free?

Simply create a free forum member account and you will be ready to get your app exposed to users and other app devs out there. Make sure to introduce yourself, write a brief description of your app and ask other members to provide feedback on it. You might get some good responses that will help you fine-tune your app but most importantly, people will check out what you have.

It’s a good idea to post few screenshots of your app and a link to the marketplace where the app can be downloaded.

Some of the forums offering relevant sections for reviewing apps are:



Some of the forums will allow you to create a signature that will be displayed every time you post or answer people’s questions – allowing an additional crowd to see your app.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure to comply with the forum rules when posting or responding!

You can also gain free traffic to your app by signing up to app directories such as and

The more people that get to know about your apps and use them, the more money you’ll make using LeadBolt’s high performing in-app ad formats.

Readers’ Choice winner LeadBolt on the power of an empowered customer base

It was wonderful to learn that LeadBolt had earned the top place on Anthill’s SMART 100 Readers’ Choice Index.

When asked by Anthill whether we could share ‘the secret to our success’ — how we had attracted over 4,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ — the first thing I felt compelled to explain was the purpose and function of our organisation, beginning with its name: “Leadbolt” (pronounced LEED-BOLT).

To the uninitiated, this may sound like a circular reference until one understands the true meaning and ethos behind the company.

Our business is about getting leads. So, it shouldn’t be regarded as too much of a surprise that we might be able to summon such a positive response from our ‘customers, clients, friends, fans and stakeholders’.

Here are some of the key values that we use to help our customers, and how this in turn helped us.

Be appreciative (Show that you care)

Leadbolt is an online and mobile technology, which competes with the likes of Google, but does so in a fully interactive and engaging way.

We provide an advertising solution to anyone looking to monetise their content — from online websites to mobile applications.

We understand the fact that our customers’ success is critical to our own success. We know customers have a choice and we truly appreciate it when they work with us. We show this in everything that we do and treat them as human beings, allowing them to reach out to us, unlike the behemoths who isolate themselves in their golden castles.

Appreciation and showing you care is a vital aspect to keeping a relationship going.

Be personal (Provide a personalised service)

We use the full spectrum of online opportunities to ensure we are always talking to and increasing our network of contacts and customers.

We do everything we can to help customers leverage their properties and make more than they could with any other advertising partners. We do this with constant interaction and sharing of strategies which help them do better.

Our customers even have access to a personal account manager who they can speak with day and night to help them resolve problems and build on their successes.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to resolve something or asking a simple question only to receive an impersonal call from an anonymous ‘customer representative’ and not being able to speak with someone who you know, and who understands your account.

Be exciting (Bring your customers ‘into’ the business)

We work very hard to project an energy of excitement into our conversations, systems and innovations. This energy spills over and energises our customers.

We constantly look for smarter ways to optimise our product, and share these ‘discoveries’ with our customers, who then feel special and become a part of the team, as they get to know about advancements and enhancements before publicly releasing them to the market.

Offering clients access to beta programs has fostered a sense of belonging and ownership, which our customers cherish.

Be empowering (Let your customers work for you)

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a customer compliment us.

We thrive on this and explain to them it is only due to their success that we have our success.

We have found that the harder we work for our customers, they harder they will work for us.

This, of course, is the main factor leading to our success in this year’s awards.

If your customers truly appreciate the value you place on them and the extent you are prepared to go to make things work for them, they will return the favour by helping you become a success.

Asking them to refer you on and recommend you is one of the most powerful techniques any business can use to drum up more business.

Not only will your customers support you with gusto (if they are impressed with you), but they will ensure your success by having their customers tell their customers and so on.

In short, don’t be afraid to ask for their help, and then let your customers work for you.