LeadBolt Revolutionizes App Monetization with Multivariate Testing

Did you know that LeadBolt is the first ad network in the world to release a multivariate feature for our advanced ad formats? It’s true! LeadBolt, the first ad network to pioneer the content unlocker on mobile devices, does it again with multivariate testing!

Multivariate Goes Mobile
Multivariate testing (or ‘multi testing’) is an advanced form of A/B split testing. This is a killer strategy to ad effectiveness, used by online marketing gurus across the internet. Multivariate testing involves setting up alternate versions of text, colours and other visual assets and then testing all combinations simultaneously to determine the highest performing ad settings for your users. The results are often surprising and unexpected.

Check out our short video here!

LeadBolt brings this feature to you as a part of our never-ending quest to deliver high performing ad types for our publishers!

How Multivariate Testing Works?


You can run multivariate tests on your ads instantly without technical knowledge. What’s more, once you know which combination is the most effective, you can make it your default ad style in one click. Increase your ad effectiveness by signing in to the LeadBolt portal by creating a multivariate test today.

Now that’s the power of app monetization from LeadBolt!