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LeadBolt Announces 47% Increase in Mobile Downloads Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Today, December 6, 2013, we announced an increase of over 47% in app discovery (aka downloads) across our network over the biggest shopping weekend of the year as compared to non-holiday periods.

We tracked user engagement and app download activity across our network over the three-day period beginning the day before Thanksgiving (November 27) through Black Friday (November 29).  During this period, mobile app usage increase by over 30% compared to non-holiday trends.

  • On Thanksgiving Day, app usage increased by 13%
  • On Black Friday, app usage increased by 17%

Although many retailers have announced that they stayed open, consumers still preferred to stay at home on Thanksgiving, but didn’t want to miss out on shopping deals. In addition, they continued to spend throughout the holiday weekend making the Thanksgiving holiday a natural online sales day for couch-surfing mobile users to get a jump on their shopping which was validated in early predictions by the Adobe Digital Index.

“We are very pleased to see that mobile is still a leader in online sales and advertising. The increase in app downloads and app usage across LeadBolt’s network over the busiest shopping weekend of the year is a great testament to how far mobile has come over the past few years,” states Dale Carr, CEO, LeadBolt.  “With mobile continuing to climb and lead consumer purchasing, we’re proud that LeadBolt technology equips marketers with alternate methods to reach consumers via mobile advertising and app discovery.”

LeadBolt is seeing other record-breaking increases across our network throughout the biggest U.S based holiday weekend, which include:

  • 31% increase in mobile app usage (determined by impression lift), compared to non-holiday usage
  • Mobile ad interest increased 27% compared to average network activity
  • 47% increase in app installs/downloads
  • The busiest day for app downloads was Sunday, December 1st, showing more than 16% above the other Black Friday holidays.

With industry breaking records in retail at an all-time high, reports show a record increase of 118% year-over-year with iOS-based devices driving more than $543 million in online sales with $148 million in total online consumer purchases made by Android users alone. That represents an 80% jump in mobile sales over Cyber Monday in 2012.

LeadBolt Honored with 51st Australian Export Award for Information and Communication Technology

51AEA_Winner_Information LeadBolt is proud to announce that we were recently honored by the Export Council of Australia for our contribution to international trade, strong export sales and the creation of jobs nationally. While we were proud to represent NSW as a regional finalist earlier in the year, we are truly humbled to have been recognized as the national winner for our category.

It is extremely meaningful to the LeadBolt team to have been recognized as part of an elite group of Australian businesses who have demonstrated strong leadership in an increasingly complex international landscape.  We are thrilled to know that our growth has made an impact on the creation of jobs nationally as well as to the strong export sales from Australia.

“The Export Council of Australia would particularly like to congratulate the NSW winners this year, Animal Logic, LeadBolt, RØDE Microphones and SWA Water Australia, for representing NSW nationally through their excellent performance in exports.

The four winners from the Premier’s NSW Export Awards: Animal Logic, LeadBolt, RØDE Microphones & SWA Water Australia, highlight that through a combination of both business and technological innovation Australian companies can take on the world and win.” – Lisa McAuley, Chief Operating Officer – Export Council of Australia

LeadBolt would like to offer our sincere Congratulations to each of the other national Category winners for their outstanding international success in their respective categories:

  • Walnuts Australia (Agribusiness Award)
  • RightShip (Business Services Award)
  • Animal Logic (Creative Industries Award)
  • Monash University (Education and Training Award)
  • Ecotech (Environmental Solutions Award)
  • Aspen Medical (Health and Biotechnology Award)
  • LeadBolt (Information and Communication Technology Award)
  • Cardno (Infrastructure and Construction Award)
  • RØDE Microphones (Manufacturing Award)
  • Otraco International (Minerals and Energy Award)
  • Tasmanian Quality Meats (Regional Exporter Award)
  • SWA Water Australia (Small Business Award)

Dale with Prime Minister

iOS SDK v4 Released

SDK ios V4
Great news! LeadBolt’s iOS SDK v4 is now available, providing publishers with revolutionary features including pre-cached ad loading, user re-engagement tools and much more.

This latest iOS SDK includes a range of new features and improvements designed to increase your app’s monetization including:

Pre Cached Ad Loading NEW
LeadBolt’s pre-cached ad loading functionality allows developers to pre-load an ad, ready to be displayed instantly during app usage when needed.

Re-Engagement Notifications NEW
LeadBolt’s re-engagement functionality delivers custom local notifications using your app’s branding to encourage users to return to the app and re-engage.

Audio Track Ads NEW
LeadBolt’s Audio Track Ads now allow you to set auto-playing audio ads during app usage, on a set timeline of your choice. This is the ultimate one line integration, making your coding even easier.

Quick Start Ads NEW
Quick Start ads now support all of the new iOS SDK v4 features including Re-engagement Notifications, Audio Track ads, AppFireworks analytics and more.

AppFireworks Bundled NEW
In response to overwhelming demand, AppFireworks is now bundled with the LeadBolt iOS SDK, making it even easier for you to utilize this comprehensive analytics and cross promotion platform in your app. To start using AppFireworks, visit the “Analytics” tab in the LeadBolt portal to get your app’s API key.

Log in to the LeadBolt portal to update to the latest iOS SDK

What “Entrepreneur of the Year” Means To Me

Print This week I was recognized as EY’s (Ernst & Young) Australian Entrepreneur of the Year™ for Technology.  It was a true honor for LeadBolt and an especially significant moment for me on a personal level, and I want to explain why.

Since winning this award, several people have asked me what motivates me, fuels my actions and keeps me going.  This question gave me pause.  I would like to take this special opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to my support system and share my perspective with a new crop of entrepreneurs or anyone pursuing their business vision.

I think there have been three key cornerstones to my success: the support of my family, persistence, and authenticity. Support is crucial when you are working 24 hours a day pursing a goal. With my family behind me and keeping me focused in one direction, my energies have been concentrated and my goals exceeded at every step.

For anyone working toward a dream, I cannot emphasize enough the power of persistence. When you believe in something, you must put your whole being into it and know you can succeed, because knowledge is an entire level above belief. I’ve always known that it’s not about whether or not I fall, it’s whether or not I get back up. And I do. One must always get back up.

Endeavor to be authentic. I got into the business because I was exceptionally passionate about technology. As someone who enjoys using mobile apps of all kinds – from banking apps to games, and everything in between – my desire to see the free app economy survive and thrive is authentic.

Participating in The Entrepreneur of the Year program has been a wonderful, enriching experience. My hope is that my involvement helps inspire a new crop of entrepreneurs and innovators to bring about their vision and build great things. I am very proud of the recognition I personally have achieved, but more so cherish the pride the whole LeadBolt team has taken in being part of the success. No man is an island and an entrepreneur, no matter how visionary, needs a dedicated team to execute and deliver.

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Android SDK 6.1 Released

The Android SDK v6.1 is packed with a range of new features and optimization tools to boost ad loading speed and bring user experience to a whole new level. The features include:

Ad Serving Speed Optimization & Performance Enhancements
The latest version of the SDK contains ad serving improvements which dramatically reduce ad loading time as well as a range of performance enhancements, ensuring a positive ad experience for users. What’s more, we also support pre-cached ad loading.

Pre-Cached Ad Loading for Faster Display
Our new pre-cached ad loading functionality allows developers to pre-load an ad, preparing it to be displayed at a later time during app usage. This means that ads can be loaded (without being displayed) during gameplay, then displayed instantly without re-buffering when the level has been completed. Pre-cached ad loading is available using a new function and an event listener (onAdCached) with the latest SDK.

PhoneGap & Cocos2d-x Frameworks Bundled
PhoneGap and Cocas2d-x frameworks are now bundled with the LeadBolt Android SDK allowing publishers to easily integrate the latest LeadBolt SDK with these frameworks.

Fewer Required Permissions
Following the Google Play developer policy updates and due to popular demand by our developers, the READ_PHONE_STATE permission is now optional and no longer a required permission.

Update to Android SDK v6.1. Log in to the LeadBolt Portal & visit the Help/ FAQs page


HTML Floating Ads Now Available

Floating ads are now available as an HTML ad format. This engaging new ad format can now be integrated by any publisher not using the LeadBolt SDK in their app.

Floating Ads are LeadBolt’s latest and highly-interactive ad format. Users engage by “popping” one of three icon images encased in bubbles that float across the screen to reveal an ad message link. A LeadBolt exclusive, this ad style is a fun, irresistible and eye-catching option to your ad options!

LeadBolt Named “Best Mobile Ad Network 2013”

The Mobile Excellence Awards honored industry leaders and rising stars at its 6thannual gala, which took place on Wednesday, October 23rd during a prestigious event at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey, CA.

The Mobile Excellence Awards recognizes and honors the companies that have truly set the bar of excellence in their respective fields.

“We congratulate all the winners of the 6th Mobile Excellence Awards who demonstrated innovation, creativity and over-all growth to help better the future of the industry as a whole. This year’s winners truly deserved to be recognized as the Best of the Best in mobile entertainment and technology.” said Sarah Miller, Founder of the Mobile Excellence Awards.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as a global leader as the Best Mobile Ad Network in front of our peers and industry influencers,” says Dale Carr, Founder & CEO of LeadBolt, “Winning this award is a testament to the hard work the LeadBolt team has contributed to building a world class mobile technology for developers and advertisers, and we are very honored to have received such a high caliber of recognition in the industry.  We dedicate this award to our loyal customers and offer our sincerest thanks.”

Congratulations to all of the 2013 Mobile Excellence Award Winners.

Best Mobile Ad Network 


Humanitarian Award

TURKCELL, Communication for Syrian Refugees

Mobile Social Awareness Award

TURKCELL for Women Empowerment in Economy Project

Industry Star

Samsung Telecommunications America

Mobile Ambassador

President of ooVoo, Jay Samit

Best Mobile Payment

Fiserv, Inc. for Popmoney®

Best Mobile Innovator

GQ Live! for print-to-mobile app

Best International 

Melon Mobile for GPS Voice Navigation for Windows Phone

Best Retail/Commerce Solution for Mobile

Catalog Spree

Best Mobile Product

Samsung Telecommunications America for Galaxy S4

Best Entertainment Integration for Mobile

SapientNitro for ESPN X Games

Best Mobile Games

EA for All Play for Real Racing 3

Best Mobile Music


Best Entertainment Related Marketing Campaign

Dreamworks Animation SKG for Turbo Racing League Mobile App

Best Original Content for Mobile

HP Autonomy for Aurasma

Best Content Extension Made for Mobile

CBS Interactive

Best Mobile Application for Entertainment


Best Mobile Entertainment for a Sports Category

SapientNitro for ESPN X Games

Best User Experience for Mobile


Best Mobile Utility Application for on a Smartphone or Tablet

NQ Mobile for NQ Family Guardian

Best Delivery Platform for Mobile 

LocationSmart for Hybrid Location Platform and Geofencing Suite

Best Technology Breakthrough


Best 2nd Screen Experience for TV on Mobile or Tablet


Best Mobile Video

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Do you know what the App Usage Cycle is?

Analyzing users’ in-app behavior is likely a part of every mobile ad networks strategy. But is your ad network considering how a user responds to advertising throughout each phase of the App Usage Cycle? Do you know what the App Usage Cycle is? “App Usage Cycle” is a term we have coined here at LeadBolt to describe and organize how a typical user interacts with a mobile app at every stage. Understanding the cycle and the various opportunities that each stage of app usage represents, is an integral part of our business and yours. We are not only proud to offer the widest variety of ad units in the industry, but we are also proud that the unique formats allow our developers to reach users throughout key stages of the app use, which is crucial for reaching full monetization potential.

Here is how it works.

  1. Entry Point – The user has just downloaded your app, so excitement about the app is at its peak and the user is most receptive to advertising. This is when we make use of interstitials, banners, advanced overlays, and the app wall.
  2. Engagement – There is high visibility and motivation to engage with the ads. The user is now fully entrenched in the app so in addition to ad units used in the Entry Point, we serve video ads and in-app alerts.
  3. Exit Point – The app is not actively being used but it is still installed. Users may be shown ads of interest through in-app alerts, audio ads, and interstitials.

By ignoring the differences in how users respond to advertising throughout the App Usage Cycle, you’re missing out on opportunities to target them. It’s obvious that there are differences in user behavior depending on the device being used, the time of day, the day of the week, etc… But the targeting opportunities upon app install through the exit point are much less talked about. We constantly have to find new ways to reach our audience, but if we want our users to respond, we have to make sure we are reaching them at the right time and in a way that enhances their app experience.

Export Council of Australia Honors LeadBolt with Premier’s NSW Export Award for Information & Technology

We are proud to announce that LeadBolt was honoured with Premier’s NSW Export Award for Information and Technology, Export Council of Australia’s most prestigious award.

The award was received during a black-tie ceremony held at the Sydney Convention Centre in Darling Harbour on October 16, 2013.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) award recognizes LeadBolt’s willingness to innovate, take risks and identify and pursue opportunities.  Originally based out of Sydney, LeadBolt has grown to 45 staff in Australia and the US and is now ranked the third most used ad network for Android apps.  In 2013, LeadBolt achieved exceptional growth in export sales from over 129 countries, and served over 50 billion ads for export clients.

Ian Murray, Executive Chairman of the Export Council of Australia said “Last night in Sydney the state’s best of the best exporters were rewarded for excellence at the NSW Premier’s NSW Export Awards. The Premier’s NSW Export Awards showcased the state’s best of the best exporters, in front of an audience of over six hundred guests and Guest of Honour the Hon Andrew Stoner, Deputy Premier of NSW.  This year’s awards showcased some truly innovative companies, particularly in all export sectors and we congratulate LeadBolt on their success.”

We are proud of the company we’ve built, and the solutions we offer to mobile app developers and mobile advertisers.  The industry is growing at a rapid pace and we continue to be inspired by the talented and driven mobile developer and advertiser communities we serve locally and globally.

“One of the great things about Australian exporters is their resilience and sense of determination,” said Lisa McAuley, Export Council of Australia.  “As a winner, LeadBolt has exhibited those two admirable traits over the past year, and have managed to achieve remarkable things.”

This is LeadBolt’s second consecutive win, having earned Premier’s “NSW Exporter of the Year” honor in 2012.

LeadBolt Android SDK v6.00 Released

The New LeadBolt Android SDK 6.00 Has Arrived.

A special thank you to you all for your contact and input since Google Play’s Developer Policy Update Announcement. As a result of your valued feedback we are proud to announce today our most advanced, fully-loaded SDK yet.

With this we now offer incredible new benefits and tools to keep your apps fully optimized for maximum performance:

100% Google Play Compliant

The majority of LeadBolt’s ad formats were already 100% Google Play compliant, and the latest SDK contains important updates to ensure that you can continue to monetize your apps effectively and fully comply to Google Play’s latest developer policy update using all of LeadBolt’s ad formats. In addition to being 100% Google Play compliant, highlights of the New LeadBolt Android SDK v6.00 include:

Redesigned and improved ads and tools, featuring:

  • Re-Engagement Tool (New)
    These are a powerful way to drive repeat app usage.  They are smart, multilingual messages delivered in the user’s local language (when supported). Users return to an app with ease by tapping on a branded design.
  • Exclusive LB Audio Ads with Interstitial
    Effective at any stage of the App Usage Cycle – entry, engagement or exit stages -  LeadBolt Audio Ads combine gyroscopic triggers for a full sensory experience.  An audio prompt encourages users to shake their device to access the marketing message.
  • Floating Ads (new)
    Three icon images encased in bubbles float on screen. User pops the bubble to reveal ad message link.

As always, we continue to offer the widest variety of mobile ad formats available in the industry. Target every phase of the app usage cycle for maximum revenue potential and advertiser satisfaction, with enhanced ad format staples such as:

  • Banner Ads – Now redesigned for optimal display and click through rates.  Updated style includes proven text optimizations and redesigned assets.
  • App Wall – HTML
  • App Wall – SDK – (In-Menu or On Screen )
  • In App Alerts
  • Interstitials

Auto Scaling Display Ads

Supporting multiple resolution devices has never been easier with LeadBolt’s auto scaling display ads. Interstitials, Overlays, In-App Alerts, Rich Media and App Walls will all automatically scale to display at optimal sizes on all screens and devices, ensuring the app experience is the same for all users. For publishers who prefer fixed size ad units, banner slots are still available in all existing sizes, allowing ads to be display ads in the exact sizes and positions you require.

Ultra Smooth Ad Display Animation

For Interstitials, Overlays, In-App Alerts and Rich Media ad formats, improvements to the transition effect allows ads to smoothly slide on the screen from the side.  Ads will appear to be in-built as part of the flow of the app, without abrupt movements.

Improved Ad Serving Optimizations

Various ad serving optimizations and targeting improvements have been included in recent updates to LeadBolt’s ad serving technology, ensuring the highest performing and most suitable offers are displayed to the right users.

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Existing Publishers, Log-in to update to the new SDK

If you have any questions about the new SDK, please contact your LeadBolt Account Manager who will be more than happy to assist.

To your continued success,
The LeadBolt Team