LeadBolt named finalist in Premier’s Innovation Award

LeadBolt has just been announced as one of the 5 finalists for Innovation in Exporting in the 2011 Premier’s NSW Export Awards.

The Premier’s NSW Export Awards is an annual program which aims to recognise excellence in the export of goods and service by NSW business. The Awards acknowledge the important contribution of businesses to the economy through job creation and increased prosperity for the community and for the state.

We are thrilled to be recognized as a finalist in this category alongside companies that have been operating for 10+ years. This is an incredible achievement at such an early stage of our business shows our commitment to innovation as a leader in the digital advertising industry in Australian and globally.

LeadBolt named Best Startup Award Finalist

We have just been announced as a finalist in the ActionCOACH My Business Awards for the Best StartUp.

The My Business Awards were created to recognize businesses that are leading the way in Creativity, Innovations and results.

According to the editor of My Business, Simon Sharwood, “One thing I always learn is that anyone who goes into business deserves respect for the extraordinary effort it requires, and for having the courage to put themselves on the line. I also often learn about cunning innovation, determination to overcome adversity, commitment to people that goes beyond the employer/employee relationship, and humbling quantities of dedication and determination. The 2011 ActionCOACH My Business Awards are all about recognising all those wonderful qualities and how they translate into success.”

This is a real pat on the back for all the guys here at LeadBolt, but also all our pubs who have enabled our incredible growth and achievements over the last 15 months.

Mobile ad dollars will reach USD 6 billion by end 2012

As published on GoMo News, Mobile Marketing Watch, DigitalJournal.com, Yahoo News, Mobile Marketing Quest:

Dale Carr, CEO of Leadbolt, a top advertising, content locking gateway and monetization platform for mobile and online, says that mobile ad sales will soar in the coming year reaching $6 billion by the end of 2012, with mobile and tablet ad delivery taking priority over online increasingly. Carr predicts 5 – 10% of next year’s buys will pull from online budgets and shift towards mobile.

“There are now more mobile devices being shipped than computers, and as mobile technology advances and becomes more sophisticated, consumers will prioritize handheld and tablets above laptops and netbooks. Equally sophisticated ad delivery methods encompassing these devices are hence becoming critical considerations for media buyers looking to enhance return on their digital ad spend,” Carr said.

“With 2011 mobile ad revenues expected to double from 2010 to over $3.3 million, we’re going to continue to see advertisers and publishers shift more attention to these platforms aiming to reach the always-on-the-go consumer.”Carr takes this statement further – projecting that accessing mobile based content will become more of a monetization opportunity given that application stores on Apple and Android are already serving 20 billion downloads. Separately, recent entrants RIM and Microsoft are increasingly contributing to those numbers. While Android holds greater U.S. market share than Apple (36% vs. 26%), Carr believes 2012 will be Android’s year to make a global play and will likely outship Apple given Android currently achieves a 4.4% weekly growth.

Carr does note however the incredible growth of mobile spend will not be at massive expense to online ad markets, it will rather be as a compliment due to the small magnitude. “With only $3.3 billion in revenues for this year alone, mobile represents less than 5% of online revenues. There will certainly be a move as brand marketers look to allocate more dollars to mobile but only by 5-10%. Until companies truly understand the unheralded opportunities on mobile, no dramatic spend shift will occur from online to mobile. We will continue to see great revenues in online advertising with mobile being complimentary rather than competitive, contributing to an overall greater digital ad spend across the media.”

Is Google out to “get” Groupon?

Is google out to get groupon

In very unorthodox move for Google, they utilised their front page to display advertising. Not just any advertising, but advertising for their Google Offers. Whether this was a test or or a taste of more to come remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, Google viciously guard any changes to the front page (besides the ubiquitous logo variations) and it is rumoured only Sergy Brin or Larry Page can give authorisation for this so it must be a important enough to have the 2 highest execs at Google involved. How this will impact on Groupon and their impending float is anyones guess but one thing is for sure with the incredible amount of traffic the Google front page receives, Google could very quickly overtake Groupon as the king of deals if they put a focus to it. Not only that but they would severely impact Groupons valuation. With Groupon already seeing a 50% decline in its traffic, Google are in a perfect position to take advantage of their situation. Could this be payback for Groupon not accepting the (rather generous) $6B offer Google made ?

The death of the traditional NFL Playbook

I was interviewed by Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. of We Got This Covered about the innovative coaching approach of Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris. Here is the interview:

Technology makes life easier.  Those that embrace it, swear by it, those that scoff at are left behind.  The National Football League’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers have abandoned the traditional phone book thick playbooks, and have gone digital.  Right now the Bucs are the only team doing this, but in a few years this will be the norm.

This idea was hatched by Tampa Bay head coach, Raheem Morris.  Morris, who’ll turn 35 Sept 3rd,  is the the youngest head coach in the NFL, and it figures that the youngest coach in the NFL would take this idea and run with it.  The football coaching fraternity traditionally has a set in their ways old school mentality.

Each Tampa Bay player was issued an iPad that contained their playbook, as well as video clips of their games, their practices, and situational video from the other teams.  It’s not only a good way to learn the playbook, it’s a great scouting tool.

I had the opportunity to talk to the CEO and Founder of LeadboltDale Carr.  Dale is an Australian tech and advertising expert that can give some unique insight to this potential trend.

We Got This Covered - How long do you think it will take for other teams to catch on to the trend and go away from the paper playbooks?

Dale Carr - The iPad as a replacement paper playbooks is a brilliant idea. The incredible features it offers can be exceptionally useful for players and give teams a huge advantage.   I think once this has been proven through better, more strategic game play, other teams will rush to embrace the iPad as a replacement. The only challenge that needs to be overcome is ensuring the iPad does not get damaged by the roughness of the players and the environment in which it must operate. Blood, sweat, tears, being dropped on the floor and being punted around the field are activities the iPad is yet to prove its robustness for.

WGTC - Do you think luxury brands will partner up with NFL teams to offer exclusive aps for the players on their iPad playboks?  If so what type of content/brands do you think would be appealing?

Dale Carr - Absolutely. Being in front of the players with every swipe of the iPad gives luxury brands a captive audience to educate, associate and sell to at a time when they are very receptive. Subconsciously exposing players to the luxury brand too may have a very positivity effect. Any brands that players may associate their lifestyles with will be appealing including automobile manufacturers, finance companies, sports, style and clothing companies.

WGTC - Could the players and coaches link up via the iPad to discuss game film while watching it on the iPad?

Dale Carr - The iPad has a vast degree of functionality and with apps, the feature set is unlimited. Many apps already exist to do almost anything that is required and if not an app could be created to fullfil any need. Players and coaches could easily link up using the likes of Skype on their iPad without any specialised new app being developed.

I also wondered if it would be possible for a coach to track the amount of time a player was spending with his playbook open, or studying film, and Dale said that would definitely be possible.

Much like the way the Moneyball type number crunching has revolutionized Major League Baseball, I think the ability to have so much info and easy access to clips will be a boon to the NFL.

Thanks to Dale for for taking some time to share his thoughts with our readers.